Worst Foreign Striker - Halidou Malam (No. 2)



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2 - Halidou Malam (Kaizer Chiefs)

“I can score from any position up-front... I can kick with either foot and I’m good with my head. I have speed and skill as well. I think my job is pretty simple,” Malam confidently told KICK OFF magazine in the 4 October 1999 edition.

However, Malan was the signing that Chiefs should have never made, which is why when he eventually left not many fans noticed after all.

The Cameroon forward was at Chiefs in the 1999-2000 season, having played at the 1995 Under-20 Fifa World Cup and having had spells with clubs in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

But he left Naturena without ever scoring in an official match… not sure if he ever scored in friendly game or at training either.

Malam started five games plus one substitute appearance at Chiefs. Instead of scoring from any position like he had promised, he did the opposite, missing from every angle on the field.

His arrival was hyped, yet in the end it was proven why Italian Serie A club Perugia dragged their feet in signing him after nearly five months of training with them. He was a poor footballer.

Malam was signed as a replacement for Pollen Ndlanya, but he was so bad he didn’t even last the season and Kaizer Motaung will admit that this was a huge mistake, with images of the Chiefs boss shaking his head in disapproval just months after Muhsin Ertugral convinced him to sign the then 23-year-old still remembered by many.

Not even a single teammate remembers anything productive about this lanky forward. He always looked tired on the field, battled to make an impact and it was evident that he was never going to fit in.

Not much is known about what happened to him after he left Chiefs.