Stars dump Jackson after 15 years


Having joined the team in 2003 as a player when it was still known as HP Silver Stars – Jackson stayed on until he retired seven years ago, immediately taking a role as assistant coach.

Jackson served as a second in command until he was abruptly elbowed out last week following the decision not to renew the contract of former head coach Cavin Johnson.

“Sad but true. I suppose this is what you get for loyalty in football,” Jackson tells

Just prior to being discarded by Stars, he was brought to the helm to stand as caretaker coach after the club after Johnson left, with new English coach Peter Butler only formally starting on July 1.

“I am just thinking about that after 15 years with the club, they just say they don’t need you anymore. I just got a letter stating that my services are no longer needed,” Jackson says.

“I coached for two games after Cavin left and then on the 4th of July when they introduced the new coach, I was called to the office as I was preparing for training.

”It was then that I was told that my services are no longer required and that was the end of my 15 years stay with the club. It ended there without the new coach meeting me,” he says.

Jackson also reveals that he had spoken to the club’s chairman Cliff Ramoroa about a job in the club’s development structures.  

“I had a verbal agreement with the chairman about something to do with development at the club but it didn’t work out. I have been trying to get hold of the chairman for a while but couldn’t. I am sitting at home and kicking my feet now. I will have to try and get a job elsewhere,” adds Jackson.