Musona explains: 'It was my friend'


Polokwane City striker Walter Musona has cleared his name regarding reports that he was involved in a house break-in and armed robbery in Polokwane.

Musona has been implicated in an organised crime syndicate reported transporting stolen goods from South Africa to Zimbabwe after the Rise and Shine striker's car was involved in an armed robbery of a guest house last week.

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He was taken in for questioning by police but not arrested and has since pleaded innocence after his name was implicated in the scandal.

"It's not me but it’s a friend [Bothwell] that was using my car," Musona explains to

"We were chilling at my place, it was late he and wanted me drop him at his place. But I told him that I was a little bit tired and allowed him to go with my car and bring it to training in the morning, and I would make arrangements with George Chigova to go with him to training the following morning because we stay in the same complex.

"After about 30 minutes he called to say that he was going to sleep. I also went to sleep but around 5am I received a call that my car was involved in an accident. I tried to call Bobby [Bothwell] but he was not picking up my calls. We went to his wife's place and she called him on another number. He confessed that he has messed it up. He said he was scared to come back and was heading to Zimbabwe. He dropped the call and promised to call again but he never did. I later went to the police station to write a statement."

Musona has since apologised to his team, family and friends in Zimbabwe.

"I want to sincerely say sorry to the club, my family and friends. I am clean. I wouldn't dare get involved in crime. I am a soccer player, I don't do crime. I wouldn't do anything to tarnish my career. I am very sorry that this case has to come this way and paint a bad picture about me."