Vermezovic: It’s not working


The Buccaneers had there fair share of chances and again failed to convert possession into goals, but the main disappointment for the coach was yet another goal conceded from a free-kick.

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"The supporters must be satisfied with the game but unfortunately our supporters will not be satisfied with the result. Again we made silly mistakes on set-pieces, it's the ninth goal we have conceded from set-pieces and we're working on it but simply [something] is not working," he said after the match.

"Second half was on a higher level, we tried with two strikers, more offensive, could have been a draw, but for us one point is not worried, it's three points for sure, I didn't want to take one striker and secure a draw, we went all the way for a win.

"First half we were too shy, we weren't aggressive, we weren't smart in the middle of the camp. We started the second half much better but it wasn't good enough."

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