Matlaba puzzled by Pirates predicament


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Such has been the severity of Pirates’ struggles that third-tier club EC Bees has been the only opponent that that they have found a way to overcome in the last 14 games, leaving the Ghost walking in shame.

Finding answers to a simple question like what the problem is has become just as difficult as winning games.

“I don’t know what to say the problem is but we are trying our best,” responds Matlaba.

“I don’t know what the problem is because we have been trying to talk about it and get solutions but, at the end of the day, we must work hard so that we can win games. But I don’t know what the problem is. We have talked about it but we don’t know what the problem is,” he says battling to provide the direction about what will bring the solutions.

Just one clean sheet in 14 games is recipe for disaster for a team that has conceded 25 goalsduring those matches, leaving them looking thin on confidence.

“As you know we are conceding goals and we spoke about it but it still happens because even in our last game against Free State Stars we conceded soft goals. It has been a problem but even now it doesn’t get solved but we are trying our best to get there and solve the problem so that we don’t concede goals. To be honest, when you talk about confidence, it is something that you get from training. If you train well, you play well.

“The coach is trying his best to motivate us. He is a coach who likes us to work hard so that we can achieve things. So that we can win matches. He is trying to motivate us and I think he is doing a great job and we are trying our best also so he is still new and still learning. He is still trying to know us better and trying his best there. It is a couple of matches and we must push hard so that we can convince him that we can win games because this is a big team. Big teams come with pressure and we have to do well,” explains Matlaba while noting that they are also hurting as much as the fans.

“Of course things are not looking good but we are professionals and we are trying to work hard. Even if luck is not on our side but we are trying our best so that we can bring the best for the team. Of course, we hurt more than fans because this is our work. We are playing football and getting paid so it is painful for us to lose games and we are trying our best to win games,” he adds.

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