Monare defends Wits players' actions


Bidvest Wits midfielder Thabang Monare says he still feels the penalty that was given to Cape Town City in their 2-0 loss should not have been awarded.

Monare was adjudged to have fouled Citizens captain Thamsanqa Mkhize inside the box, but Thabo Nodada's spot-kick was saved by Wits Keeper Ricardo Goss.

No less than five Wits players were seen remonstrating with the referee afterwards, an incident that has resulted in PSL charges against Goss and Sameehg Doutie.

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"It's football my brother, it's just the heat of the moment, that's all," he tells

"You know football is about arguing, when you look at it that way. So it's just a matter of arguing the penalty, nothing more."

Asked if he had a change of mind after watching the replay of the match on television later, the Secunda-born star still insists the referee was wrong.

"I was involved. I think it's not a penalty. Honestly I don't think so. But anyways what's done is done, you can't change the past. Because that guy [Mkhize] came from behind me, like if you look at it he was behind me, and he pushed me from behind and I was falling, you understand?

"At the time when the contact was made with him I was falling already. He pushed me. But anyway it's football you know. We asked the referee, 'What kind of penalty is this?' He didn't reply.

"I didn't touch the referee, I never did. Ja like when you watch the video you see other guys pushing him... it's just the heat of the moment. I just feel like in football we learn you see, we learn and we continue, you understand what I'm saying. Both the players and the ref you see.

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"It's football, it's football and I'm always gonna fight for my team. Football is like that. Like I won't come here and act like I'm perfect, that was a mistake... I mean if you honestly feel like it's not a foul or anything you know you oppose it. Football is like that worldwide.

"Unfortunately not like being violent and you know touching the ref and something like that you know which is a mistake that we made. But I mean every time when you feel like a foul is not a foul you oppose, you know what I mean? That's the nature of football, it's the heat of the moment in the game.

"So football is just another world where we are different people on the field. It's not like you intimidate the referee, you are just opposing at that point in time because honestly I wouldn't be thinking as straight as I'm thinking right now you see.

"That's just the nature of football where things like that happen, and if we are wrong and the referee is wrong, we are apologising. Move forward you know."

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Monare says as at the moment Wits players are not thinking about what action the PSL will take against them.

"No no no, there's nothing like being scared or anything you know because that's not our business as players," he adds.

"There's people that take care of that. Our business is to play. So we are just focusing on playing and training hard as a team."