Komphela bemoans socks change


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Due to a clash in kit colours, the referee ordered a last-minute wardrobe change from Tignyemb as the start of the game was delayed by eight minutes last Sunday.

With just two minutes gone, Bandile Shandu then scored what turned out to be the only goal of the match past Tignyemb at Dr Molemela Stadium.

Komphela, whose players have been dealing with well-documented payment issues at the club, said: "I thought we started badly and for obvious reason. Just at the beginning of the match there was an incident with the socks and this and that.

"The referee, the goalkeeper, it does have a mental effect. The team is waiting there for you to come and they get cold, they're in the zone, you are breaking the routine. That on its own had a huge effect in terms of how you start. That obviously compounded, we invited the problem ourselves throughout the week.

"And the outcome of the match was the beginning of that. You cannot isolate how we started and our state of mind. I don't think we were focused for the match. We as coaches, we knew. Because when you prepare a team at the beginning of the week, you work on the physical aspects and then you get on the technical aspect, the tactical aspect and the psychological part.

''So we never got hold of the psychological part of our game. In as much we know physically they coped well. In fact, I thought we played well. With respect to coach Fadlu [Davids] and his team, we played better than Maritzburg. We created a little bit of more and the only thing is that they were more efficient. They took their chance where I thought our final third entries as well, we could have been more composed.

''We lacked a bit of composure and composure that comes along with confidence. We were too desperate, we shoot from afar, wrong decisions, all those things they happened in the match.

''Now could you have done better under normal circumstances? For sure. Three points lost here, big three points lost. We lost an advantage, we shouldn't.

''Again, did we lose? I don't know. Did we learn? For sure, we must have learnt and these lessons, these school fees are very expensive. We are paying a high price for this.''

Regarding the socks incident, he continued: ''The rules are clear, that the colour of the top must be the same as the colour of the socks. So the goalkeeper had grey socks and a white top, so they don't correlate. The referee said, ‘No, no, it has to be changed’.

''He changed his socks, or he gets a top that is the same as the socks. Then we went on and he’s got navy socks on, and the referee said, ‘No, they can't be that because that black is close to Maritzburg's colour, so rather be green'.

''In the essence of socks in the game, it is such that when you play, because we are vision- based and we use peripheral vision, you are playing but you are side-checking.

''Now where there's tackles flying in and the game is being played you tend to drop your heads and you focus on the ball. And if you have to cut your focus on the knees of all players, when you see green you see your teammates. So chances [are that] you'd leave the ball for your teammates.

''When our goalkeeper is wearing black and Maritzburg is wearing black and there's a scenario where the player’s focus is narrow, he's going to leave the ball seeing his own teammate. So there should never be a clash of colours, even the goalkeeper.

''But I'm sure it’s a procedure that was supposed to have been done in the pre-match meeting. It happened and how it unfolded, whether we were stubborn, we didn't want to adhere to all that. But the referee stood his ground and it affected [us] mentally.''