Letsoaka content with Ajax point


Ea Lla Koto managed to gnaw their way back into the tie, after being dominated by Ajax in the first half, to come back and seal a 2-2 draw at the Athlone Stadium on Friday evening.

"I think this was a game of two halves. In the first half they really dominated and second half we tried to correct, and it was a much better half from us," Letsaoka told SuperSport TV.

"Even before their red card we were already dominating the game. Playing away from home – a game that we should have won in the second half but we missed chances – I can't blame the boys with everybody [from Ajax] behind the ball.

"We used the width the way we wanted to but thing did not happen. I'll take the one point and say, 'away in Cape Town, one point I'll take it'."

The former junior international coach felt Grant Margeman's 70th minute red card had no major impact on the game as his side were bound to get a goal from their dominance, prior to having the one-man advantage.

"In the second half, that's when everything started to happen for us. It was not just a matter of the red card, we had already taken control of the game [by then], and I could see that we were going to get a goal," he added.

"But the all-important goal that would give us the points, we didn't get that. Like I've said, unfortunately we'll have to take the one point."