Schut surprised by Downs armband


The Dutch defender, who is only in his second term at the club, replaced Teko Modise as Downs skipper in an unexpected move by coach Pitso Mosimane.

"Surprised I was," Schut says of his appointment.

"This is because obviously with what I also know from back home is that a captain should be a local guy who has been with the club for a very long time and who knows the club in and out. That is what I have always thought would be the preference.

"But then the coach asked me to do it and I am gladly doing it plus I am honoured to be doing it. But then I hope the club is able to groom a few players that can be able to take over in the near future.

"The coach thinks I am someone who takes responsibility."

Schut adds that his job has been made easier by the presence of several leaders in the team.

"I don’t really view it that way because we have a lot of leaders in the team," he says.

"Of course it is special and an honour to be wearing the armband but if you see Esrom (Nyandoro), Kennedy (Mweene), Surprise (Moriri) and Teko (Modise) you will realise that we have a lot of good players with experience and they can lead the team.

"I feel it is a collective effort rather than me as one person leading the team," concludes the 32-year-old.