Roo brushes off Scholes jibe


Scholes, who retired last year, recently questioned whether 28-year-old Rooney's best years were behind him, owing to 'Roo''s early start in professional football 12 years ago.

Rooney, in response, said: "He's been a teammate but he's been away from the first team for a long time.

"I'm not interested. He's got his opinions so let's leave it at that."

When pressed for comment, Rooney added: "I've seen a lot of you saying he's coached me and been around the team, but he hasn't. I'm not really going to react.

"I'm not really interested in what anyone else has got to say. I'm interested in what [England coach] Roy Hodgson, the coaching staff here and the people around me say. People have their opinions but I don't agree with them."

Rooney reasserted his value in midweek, scoring his 39th international goal for England in a 2-2 friendly draw with Ecuador.