PSL keeps distance from Chiefs' FIFA ban


PSL prosecutor Nande Becker has commented on the transfer ban slapped on Kaizer Chiefs by world football governing body FIFA.

Chiefs have been handed a transfer ban for the next two windows for 'illegally' signing Madagascar international midfielder Andriamirado Andrianarimanana.

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According to FIFA, 'Dax' still had an existing contract when he moved from Fosa Juniors to South Africa in 2018.

"I'm not involved in that, I'm not in the position to comment on that," Becker tells

"It doesn't really affect the PSL. They [FIFA] will make the ruling obviously and a copy will be sent through to the League, so that we can amend our records accordingly."

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Becker says there's no way the League can try to interfere and assist Chiefs on the matter as this is a private issue between the club and FIFA.

"Look, it's virtually a private matter between the club and FIFA at the end of the day," he explains.

"There's no involvement from the League's point of view, we haven't done anything, we weren't involved.

"So there's not much we can do from our side except to say 'listen, we are bound by the FIFA decision until it's changed or set aside'."

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