PSL target NFD sponsorship for next season


The First Division has been without a sponsor for over 10 years now, as the PSL continue to fund the league from money received from deals such as the one they have from SuperSport for television rights.

Clubs are currently getting a grant of R500 000 a month and a total of R7.5 million a season, including two ex-gratia payments, from the league.

This excludes the money eight of the teams receive for participating in the Nedbank Cup.

“Hopefully we can get a sponsor. You’ve got to realise that the league is trying to get a sponsorship,  but it’s got to be a sponsorship that meets our requirements. In other words there’s certain things we won’t allow, we can’t. So we’ve got to be very selective in who we choose as a sponsor,” Schloss said.

Schloss believes the image of the First Division is continuously improving and feels this will play a key role in securing sponsorship for the league in future.

“That’s where the First Division comes in. The most important thing is that they create the image. If a sponsor looks and says ‘this is a well-run league and there’s no trouble’, then they will look at going to sponsor that. So in the last year, especially this year, the image of the First Division is improving tremendously. That’s why I am positive we can get a sponsor some time.”

Schloss says clubs that play in the Nedbank Cup also get to benefit, by pocketing extra money to help towards the running of the club.

“Playing in the Nedbank Cup also helps generate income for the First Division teams. There’s nothing to say that a First Division team can’t win the tournament. We’ve already had, years ago, Tuks playing in the final. It’s possible that a team could walk away with R8 million.”