Da Gama: I believe in Ramagalela


Ramagalela penned a deal with Highlands Park last week and Da Gama has expressed his view on the situation with his new striker, who has been training on his own for over two weeks now in Limpopo. 

"Rama G is a very good player, he doesn't smoke and drink, a very dedicated and professional striker, I've worked with him in Venda and I believe he will join us in good shape," said Da Gama.

"Unfortunately we have teams that believe in destroying players because he signed a pre-contract with another club, which is not good at all."

Polokwane City coach Jozef Vukusic last week made it clear that he won't be focusing on a player that is training on his own. 

Da Gama is hoping whatever the issues are, they will be sorted. 

"We hope they will sort out those issues and play him and if they don’t, I believe in Ramagalela, he will be fit."