Pirates to investigate Gabuza incident


A dark cloud hangs over Gabuza’s head following his unethical outburst during Pirates’ 2-1 win over Black Leopards at the Peter Mokaba Stadium on Tuesday night.

The 31-year-old reacted in a way that shocked many a football fan as he stormed off the pitch after assisting in his side’s opening goal in the 34th minute, before returning after the half-time break only to be sent off for his contravention of the laws of the game.

His actions have since been met with widespread debate from the media, supporters and players of rival PSL teams, on whether it was justifiable in the context of professionalism.

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The club have since provide official comment on the matter, with Mbele insisting that action cannot be taken until a full investigation of the incident is carried out.

“I think what’s important is for us to gather the facts and find out what actually transpired because, otherwise, you’ll get into a state where you act or react and that is then proceeded by something else,” Mbele tells KickOff.com.

“Whatever steps we take, we need to first get a report from the technical team, from the medical team and from the match commissioner in front of us before we’re able to chart the way forward.”

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It is thought that the backlash from Pirates’ supporters is what riled Gabuza up to the point where he decided to hit back at them by throwing his jersey into the stands before mocking their hand signals for a substitution, but Mbele refused to comment on the speculation.

“The supporters’ frustration is understandable given what they may have seen, but we need to act responsibly to be able to make sure the process is done properly and it’s given the attention and respect it deserves, otherwise we will be taking shortcuts which won’t be to anyone’s benefit,” he says.

“It’s important that we go through all the facts first. Once the process is seen out then the message [to supporters] can follow after. You can’t put a message without having established all the facts, it just doesn’t make sense.”

With the Buccaneers on a recess until September 15, given their earlier elimination from the MTN8 as well as the upcoming FIFA break, it provides management ample time to conduct their investigation and take an official stance on the incident.

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