De Sa: Matlaba is not Messi


Pirates drew 1-1 with Esperance in Tunisia on Saturday, which was enough to see them advance to the Champions League Final where they face holders Al Ahly next month. 

Matlaba, however, courted some criticism for shooting unsuccessfully on one occasion when he had teammates better placed to try and score following a swift counter-attack from the Buccaneers.

"In life it is always like that. If I jump off a building and survive I am the hero but if I die I am all stupid," De Sa says.

"For me it's all about results. If Thabo scored we would be carrying him on our shoulders.

"In that moment the player made a decision to take it on his shoulders to go for it.

"It didn’t work out, so we are gonna work on it next time, and make sure he chooses the right option."

De Sa adds: "The execution will come but you must also remember that Thabo is a full-back and not to expect him to do the Messi thing inside the box."