'Baroka is an African giant'

This comes on the back of Bakgaga recently penning a four-year sponsorship deal with petroleum company Global Oil.

Baroka still have Two Mountains as a sponsor as well.

"You know the chairman of Global says we will go to Europe to play big teams in Europe," Mammila tells KickOff.com.

"We are not gonna bring teams from Europe to Africa. We'll take Baroka to Europe, not the other way round. This is a dream come true for African teams, it has never happened ... So we will be the first African team to do that. Ja, every off-season, like Manchester [United] will go to China for pre-season. We are not talking about going there one day and coming back. We are talking about pre-season.

"Financially, obviously we will have more muscles now. We are not gonna run out of fuel like last season where we started well and ran out of fuel and collapsed. So now with Global, we are not gonna run out of fuel. We will chase these so-called big teams till the end. We will fight with all that we have, because we are refuelled now, for a full tank price. We can run the whole marathon from match 1 till match 30 now.

"That's why Benni (Cape Town City coach McCarthy) came here and saw stars. Now Chiefs will do the same. Polokwane is no longer a walk into the park now, this is where we kill teams now. In our previous two seasons we never won our first match in Polokwane. So we mean business now, we've refuelled ourselves, we kill."

Mammila refused to reveal how much the deal was worth.

"There's a confidentiality clause. We don't want you guys to follow our sponsors and demand money, no. To be honest, Baroka is one of the biggest teams in Africa, whether you like it or not. We are still having the title of being the only team in the African continent you know, to attend the Puskas award. We are the only team, participating with [Oscarine] Masuluke. Now we'll be the first team to go and do a pre-season in Europe. The likes of the richest teams in TP Mazembe, I don't think they have ever done that. Pirates they were in Zimbabwe last year, some they were in Swaziland. So we jump ship now, we are going to Europe. Top, top European countries man, playing against the top teams.

"Two Mountains name will remain as it is on our shirts. With my leadership of [chairman] Mr [Khurishi] Mphahlele we want to take this team to the next level. Whoever comes and runs this team, eish he has got a mountain to climb. We want to make this team the best team while it is in our leadership. Because we don't own this team. This team belongs to the people of Limpopo. So we want to make sure that we look after their team, and we compete with the so-called big teams. Surely now, we are the biggest team in Limpopo."