Mammila: Why I left Chippa


Morgan Mammila says he couldn't stand and watch as the people of Eastern Cape were being robbed of happiness by those running Chippa United.

Mammila resigned as Chippa CEO earlier this week, after just four months with the Chilli Boys.

“You know there are things, especially in our position, you don't say when you leave,” Mammila tells

"The thing is I can't sit while people from Eastern Cape are being robbed of happiness, you know. I came here to make these people happy, I will never be part and parcel when things are not done correctly and you know players not being to their best because of people don't know their job. They want to step into other people's jobs. To be honest it’s got nothing to do with the chairman [Chippa Mpengesi].

"The chairman liked all of us, unfortunately people took advantage of his kindness just to mess up his team. But they think they are doing the right thing, but deep in their hearts they know that. You know because people are so arrogant sometimes...I'm sure you were watching the game [Sundowns vs Chippa], how on earth a player [Mark Mayambela] can score against Sundowns and not celebrate? How on earth? No it pains me when a parent you know does not treat his kids the same you know.

“Some it's lovey dovey, some it's not. For me team is one big family, once you pick and choose in a team then you are dividing the team, then I'm not gonna be part of the divided team.”

Mammila says he decided “enough is enough” after Chippa’s loss to Kaizer Chiefs in the Nedbank Cup semifinal on Saturday.

"On Saturday that's where I was saying you know what, you know it's just maybe if the cameras were on the would tell you the face of the players that 'we are crying man, we crying'.

“It pains me as a brother, as a father looking at kids crying. The thing is, as I said I can't dwell too much on it but somebody know I think it happened in the past at Chippa where coaches forget their jobs and start doing other people's jobs you know. So it's a problem man, but you will never see me taking cones and taking players on for training, I will never do that, that's not part and parcel of my contract, but my contract says I must attend training and make sure everything goes well, that's part and parcel of my contract.

“How will you look at the technical team if you don't see what they are doing? And they report to you how good is this player is and while they don't play the player.

"And one thing for sure I'm open. Whatever that I do for the team I share with them. To be honest I changed lot of things at Chippa. There were things that they were not done. I'm happy even the staff are happy and I even told them yesterday that they must not change because this thing is not about me it is about them. They must carry on."

This website tried to get hold of Mpengesi for a comment, to no avail.