Where is Mohammed-Awal Issah?


Issah absconded from club duty without any reason while contracted to Usuthu last season and the PSL ruling was handed out at the end of March.

Yet there has been no word from the player, who cannot play any professional football in any country that falls under FIFA governance.

Peter O’Connor, the general manager at AmaZulu, confirms that they have since informed the PSL that the 28-year-old hasn’t made any effort to pay within the one-month grace period that he was handed when the ruling was made.

“There has been absolutely no hint of response from the player. We have since notified the PSL who have in turn informed SAFA who then notified FIFA and this is where the matter stands up to now,” says O’Connor.

KickOff.com has made contact with officials at his former club Real Sportive in Ghana who also say they haven’t heard from the player.

“We actually believe he is not even in Ghana because of all the people that we have spoken to, nobody seems to have any idea about his whereabouts,” says the club official.

There has been speculation that he could have eloped to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – which is not a member of FIFA.