Micho takes pride in Pirates lions


'Micho' has guided Pirates to second place on the table after 16 games since returning to Mayfair in the off-season at the expense of Swede Kjell Jonevret.

While Bucs - who finished outside the top eight last term for the first time in PSL history - are struggling to score goals, the Serbian says he can't fault his men's desire.

“I have a million and one reasons to have the feeling that I don’t coach only human beings. I am coaching lions that really respect this badge, that respect the jersey they are playing for,” said Micho.

“They giving all out. I have seen in their facial expressions, I have seen their body langauge, I have seen on the field of play that each player has given his best.

“In my 25 years of coaching I've never seen like this [players missing chances] and I don’t want to be a cry baby anymore. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, it's a feeling of a bitter taste. But still I am very proud of the players' performance and effort.”

Micho draws encouragement from his team only conceding nine times this campaign.

“We are a work in progress. I want to tell you we have reached quite far in terms of defending. In our build up, in our creating chances that last product is missing and I really regret it. But I am not taking away one percent from the effort that the players have put on the field of play.”