Motsepe: Pitso better than Stoichkov


Motsepe was speaking after Mosimane apologised to the Premier Soccer League for questioning how Pirates knew about Alje Schut’s expired registration card when Bucs beat Sundowns 3-0 at Loftus Stadium on August 27 – comments that were deemed inappropriate.

During his time at Downs, Stoichkov was once fined for misconduct relating to abusive and insulting language hurled at a match commissioner and Motsepe claims the Bulgarian was never repentant.

“Pitso is better than Stoichkov. I would call Stoichkov and say, ‘We’ve just been fined again. Do you now promise that the next time you go for an interview you will not say anything that could bring the club into disrepute? Stoichkov would say, ‘Mr president, I promise no more’ and I would travel then when I land they would tell me, ‘Did you hear that he did it again’ – that he was on TV and said all this things. Pitso is not like that,” Motsepe says.

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Meanwhile, Mosimane, who often makes comments that raise eyebrows, suggests that it would be better to give coaches space to cool off after a match instead of taking them straight for interviews after the 90 minutes because that is when emotions are still running high.

He explains: “I have been looking at how it is done in the UK. It is unbelievable. After the match they don’t come to you with a mic and they give [coaches] space. They leave you for 10/15 minutes to have some water or a cup of coffee because these things are emotional. We don’t talk what happened in the match, we talk emotions when we do interviews immediately after the match. So there is a room for improvement from me and the other coaches on our comments but there is also room for improvement for everybody [the media]. So let’s copy good things.”

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