Billiat braced for Ajax reunion


Billiat last month left the Urban Warriors for the Brazilians and tomorrow at Cape Town Stadium, the Zimbabwean forward will come up against his ex-employers.

“It will be a good feeling to return, but at the same time I must be ready to fight because I know they will come at me and try to make me feel uncomfortable. It’s up to me how I take it, but I know it’s gonna be personal,” Billiat says.

Meanwhile, Ajax coach Muhsin Ertugral said last month that he was disappointed with how Billiat left the club, saying the 23-year-old should have said goodbye to his former teammates.

Billiat says he intended to bid farewell but was unable to.

He explains: “The deal was on and off, so I didn’t know when I would leave so I didn’t want to say goodbye before the time. So I came over this side expecting to sign with Sundowns and then go back to Cape Town to get my stuff and say goodbye. But things didn’t go well because I ended up not signing and I went over to Zimbabwe to see my family.

“When I came back, I signed with Sundowns and I didn’t have a chance to go back to Cape Town soon after signing. Eventually, I went over on a weekend and I picked up my car at the club, but the guys were not at training on that Saturday. Unfortunately, they also didn’t train the following day and that was the day I had to return to Jo’burg. So I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye,” he adds.