Q&A with Roger Feutmba


KickOff.com: Congratulations on being voted the Greatest Player in the PSL era by KickOff.com readers …

Feutmba: Thanks, that means a lot to me because there are a lot of great players I played with and against during my time in South Africa. My friend Doctor Khumalo, whom I rate as one of the best this country has ever produced, is one of them. Not forgeting Thabo Mngomeni, who was also talented and could do anything with the ball.

How did a player with only a left foot do the things you did with the ball?

[Laughing] I believe it was just a God-given talent. It’s not as if I didn’t want to use my right foot; it’s just I was confident that I could anything with my left foot no matter the situation … that is what made me only use my left foot. I was also fortunate that I had a coach like Ted Dumitru who allowed me to do whatever I wanted with the ball.

It was as if South African football was made for your and you were made for South African football. How did you adjust so easy?

South African football appreciated me and my teammates were also good and I understood them very well. But I believe I played my best football when I was 18; that is when I was really hot, but people outside Cameroon didn’t know who I was.

When you look at South African football now, which player stands out?

Teko Modise is definitely the one that reminds me of myself. We are different players, but I admire the way he plays. He is on the right path and can achieve a lot in his career. I admire Andile Jali because of his attitude; he doesn’t care who he plays against because he believes in himself. Oupa Manyisa is very good with the ball at his feet and his passing ability too. Yeye Letsholonyane is also a special talent, but Teko is the one for me.