Billiat: Robbery was like a movie


Sunday World reported the incident took place at an Engine garage in Kyalami, north of Johannesburg, with Billiat lucky to come away unscathed.

“Nothing happened to me,” says Billiat.

”They were not robbing me. They were robbing a shop. They just stopped me and told me not to do anything and step aside with others. We stopped, they did what ever they did. I was happy that I was not robbed.”

The Zimbabwean says the scene was reminiscent of an action movie.

“When they started, I was shocked with what they were doing. But they told us to stay there and they were not doing anything to us, but they were here for this [robbery]. They were carrying big AK-47s and covered with balaclavas. It was like watching a movie.”

Meanwhile, Billiat hopes to make his return from injury after the FIFA international break.

“I am back and started running now, but on the side. We are still testing if I can go full out. It looks positive and hopefully I will be back soon when the domestic league starts again.”

Champions Sundowns next face title rivals Kaizer Chiefs at FNB Stadium on April 1.

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