Pitso: No punches were thrown


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Mosimane tangled with Mtimande after two Sundowns fans were dragged off the pitch in the aftermath of a 3-3 draw between the clubs in Umlazi.

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Police had to intervene as Mosimane was ushered away by Downs team manager Peter Ndlovu.

'Jingles' later reappeared at the post-match press conference.

According to reports today Mosimane has been charged with assault, with the Brazilians yet to comment on the matter.

Asked about the incident, Mosimane said on Sunday: "No, I mean, really. Our two supporters got onto the pitch, so what do you do, you usher them out. You don't drag them like they are criminals, hey.

"And they're not even resisting to go out. So this thing of showing off like you can drag somebody out of the pitch it must end. Just usher them out.

"So I'm trying to speak to the guy and I said, 'Take him out properly'. And that guy wants to be on TV so that his family can see him on TV, it's unbelievable.

"So usher him out because he's not resisting. When he resists then you can try a different story. So I'm trying to help him and 'this is our supporter, let him out'. And I'm ushering him out.

"There's so many times our supporters have been on the pitch and I take them off the pitch myself, so many times. I don't know if you have seen that. Take them properly, they are humanbeings, hey.

"And you must know the emotions, hey. And some of them are little bit drunk and beautiful, and the game is beautiful and there's no problem.

"So why does the guy want to be smart? So I resist and I don't believe in that."

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Mosimane denied punches were thrown in the fracas.

"There were no punches. I think you are trying to make a scene. I mean, where were punches? What did you see? So we should be like this (standing up and folding his arms behind at his back)?

"Someone threw a punch? Okay."

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