Malesela: 'Coaching licenses are overrated'


Experienced manager Dan Malesela says it is unfair to overlook coaches for not possessing certain coaching qualifications.

Malesela says the UEFA Pro License and CAF A license courses are overrated and do not guarantee success.

"I think experience in the job must count, I think these things of Pro Licence qualifications and all of that is overrated," Malesela tells KickOff.

"I mean people are doing well in the local tournaments and local league, so why now do you want to stop them from coaching.

"And these things are not financed they are very expensive.

"I just think somebody made a mistake, so they must review this thing and look at it properly.

"Here you are, and you've been coaching for so many years, and now somebody comes and says you cannot coach because you don't have these papers.

"Let's just say this man has been a plumber for years, and now you want him to have a diploma of the sort, but he's been fixing people's houses.

"He's not going to stop fixing those pipes, I think it's just something that needs to be relooked.

"Some people don't have time to do these courses because of the schedule of the league."

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