Low managing World Cup expectations


The three-time world champions will open their campaign against Portugal in Salvador on June 16, with Ghana and the USA completing the rest of a daunting Group G. 

"I have absolute faith in the abilities of every one of them. I know what we're capable of and I know we've got a chance, but I'm not a prophet and it's not my job to be,” Low told FIFA.

"Even if I were to promise that we'd win the title that's still no guarantee that we would do so.

"The only thing I can say is that we want to win the World Cup. We'll give everything and we want to play with heart and passion to give our fans something to cheer about.

"I can't say we will win the World Cup, though."

Low added of their preparations: "There are several things you can plan in advance, such as fitness levels, movement and tactics, but you can only plan for success up to a certain point. We can lay the foundations and that increases the probability of achieving something.

"In sporting terms it [their training camp] was very good but even the best training camp cannot guarantee success, let alone guarantee that you'll win the World Cup."