'I have no issues with pre-contracts'


Baroka FC chairman Khurishi Mphahlele says his club will not stop using a player just because he has signed a pre-contract elsewhere.

This is the stage of the season where a number of players are in the final months of their respective deals and are undecided on whether to extend or not.

While they may be clubs who decide against using a player who is yet to make up his mind, Mphahlele sees no problem using that player that is still under contract.

"Eh... it never happened to me, but if it happens to me, the player is a professional and he's got a professional contract," Mphahlele tells KickOff.com.

"They ought to fulfill the contract, we will play him. Why not play him? He is still contracted to my team, I'm still paying his salary how can he backstab me? He is not suppose to speak about that, he should actually prove to them that they've signed a good player. That's my way of dealing with that.

"I won't sideline somebody just because he has signed pre-contract with other teams. If I let his contract come to that situation without me offering him extension or offering new contract, that means I don't value that player. Because if you value the player, before his contract comes to an end you must sit down with him and discuss a new contract, or extension if there's extension."

Mphahlele says the reason clubs prefer to get players on pre-contracts is because football is business these days.

"In every business you need to save money. I mean you can't just pay for something which you can get for free. That's why I'm saying if one team doesn't value a certain player, another team will value him. You can't just wait for the contract to lapse."

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