Ivanovic: Chelsea will get stronger


The Blues entered the international break fresh off a 2-0 win over Arsenal, leaving them five points clear of nearest rivals Manchester City after seven games.

New signings Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have notably reasserted their worth at Stamford Bridge, with the former bagging nine goals despite battling with a hamstring complaint.

"It is really amazing how quickly the new players have adapted," Ivanovic said in the club's official magazine.

"You could see straight from the first day how they work, how well they do their jobs, and that it is normal for them to play this way.

"That is why they are here and we are all very happy about that.

"As this group stays together for a long time, we will get better and better - we know each other's games, we know the movement of each other and this gives us the opportunity to play more easily in games."