Khoza: We’re not doing anybody favours

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There has been increased backlash at the rulings of both the DC and the DRC in recent weeks, particularly pertaining to the cases of crowd violence and the eligibility of Ajax Cape Town striker Tendai Ndoro.

The DC sanctioned Orlando Pirates to playing two games behind closed doors, one of which is suspended, while Kaizer Chiefs were fined R250 000, with R200 000 suspended, drawing criticism for the leniency of the sentences.

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The DRC, meanwhile, cleared Ndoro to continue playing despite being in contravention of the FIFA regulations, prompting the league to appeal its own judicial body, invoking doubts over the credibility thereof.

However, Khoza has argued that rules are there to be tested, with due processes in place for appeals from any aggrieved party.

“The one good thing with football is that we’ve got the DC, appeal’s committee, [SAFA] arbitration, FIFA and CAS [Court of Arbitration for Sport] to test,” outlined Khoza.

“So everybody’s got free access to test the outcome of any decision. Whatever doubts or perceptions you have that somebody has tampered with matters, the tests are there.

“If you can check, in terms of the turnover of cases, few of them have succeeded on appeal and arbitration. Now we’ve just published a book on all the decided cases from the PSL, which has its own jurisprudence.

“It’s a marvelous thing to have, we’re going to distribute it to the media. You can see all those cases, how many were challenged and how many were not challenged in all these years we’ve been there.”

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Some have criticised the involvement of the league’s chairman, who is also chairman of member club Pirates, regarding disciplinary matters affecting the Buccaneers.

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But the ‘Iron Duke’ has insisted that no “favours” have been done for anybody, while encouraging disgruntled parties to challenge any decisions in the available channels.

“We do things to the best of our ability and we also have members with 15 years’ – or more – experience participating in the DC,” he added.

“We’re not there to do anybody favours, the rules are the things that must be tested. And the rules are in line with FIFA rules, so whatever happens, if you are not happy and an aggrieved party, you go to appeals and then to arbitration.

“If you are still not happy you can go to CAS. Whatever you say cannot be held against anybody because, whoever is not happy must take the matter up with the highest authority.

“Hence the matters take so long sometimes, because they challenge issues. They do not just leave them for what the DC says.

“For instance, the DRC was challenged. It’s the nature of the game, so you must challenge if you are not happy about it. The processes are there.

“If there were no processes, I would understand, but all processes are open to anybody not satisfied with the decisions.”

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