Khoza: Clubs must cover all costs


PSL chairman Irvin Khoza has issued a straight directive to clubs regarding the estimated R3-million cost of playing in the Gauteng BSE.

The PSL board of governors unanimously passed plans to resume the season with the biologically safe environment, according to Khoza.

However, it is understood that certain clubs took issue to the individual cost of completing the season, which is expected to hit all clubs in the pocket in the region of R2-million to R3-million.

One club official admitted to a few weeks ago that he would have preferred the season to be cancelled due to these costs.

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"For the last four months we have been giving the grants without taking any deductions," said Khoza upon announcing the official August 8 restart date.

"Remember, in the grants there are also deductions for travelling and expenses for accommodation for those teams that are supposed to be travelling and camping.

"That money is not being deducted, so every club is going to carry their own expenses insofar as travelling into the BSE and also hotel accommodation.

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"Because for the last four months we have been paying the grants without any deductions, so the clubs must pay for that from their own coffers."

PSL monthly grants are R2-million for Absa Premiership clubs and R500 000 for GladAfrica Championship sides.

All 32 teams have been assigned their new home venues for the remainder of the two league seasons, which will kick off on Tuesday, August 11.

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