Igesund not bitter over Zambia snub

The 60-year-old was primed to take over as coach of Zambia's national team and turned down many opportunities in the interim only to find out that the federation had tended in another direction.

However, rather than harbour any resentment Igesund acknowledges that had it not been for that particular scenario unfolding in the way that it did then he may not have been in a position to take the Highlands job.

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"With the Zambia job I was told that I have the job and I will be named their senior national team coach. The association had chosen me as their coach, everything was discussed and all I was waiting for was the government to endorse the deal," he told the PSL in an interview. 

"In that country the government pays the coach’s salary. But then obviously when Edgar Lungu was retained as the president he decided he wanted to have a local coach.

"Of course that set me back because I lost four or five months in between. There were job offers in that period, but I obviously couldn’t take them because I had made a commitment to the FAZ (Zambia Football Association). So I had to wait around a little longer and then the Highlands Park opportunity came up and I decided it was the right one at the time."

"I don’t think it was disappointment that I didn’t get the post, but the disappointment came because of time lost. It had seemed like a foregone conclusion, before things changed. So that was the disappointing aspect. But in saying that, I am very happy with where it landed me because there’s some history here for me."

Igesund, who played for The Lions of the North nearly four decades ago, is thrilled to once again be associated with the club.

"Highlands Park is a big brand, it’s a big name and I'm talking about from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. I'm just happy to be involved with them once again. It’s a nice place to be, it’s an exciting project the owners have undertaken. They’re very ambitious and they want to take the club places. And I feel there is that space to go forward in the next three to four years," he said.