Mbalula defends SAFA silence


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FIFA released a statement saying SAFA paid a $10-million bribe to secure hosting rights for the 2010 World Cup.

“There is no mistake about it because it is something that we actually sanctioned,” Mbalula told after a media briefing in parliament.

“And it belongs to us and it’s not a question of whether SAFA or not SAFA … it’s a question of where does it belong? Does it even belong to the local organising committee because it was not subject of the local organising committee.

“It was a resolution of the South African government together with FIFA and SAFA to support the diaspora in the organising of the World Cup. And that is why it belongs to our [the government's] plate and we are addressing it.

“It is not a SAFA issue on its own, it is a matter that belongs to our plate precisely because it was our policy of the African renaissance and diaspora to support all our African brothers in terms of hosting and living the legacy for the 2010 World Cup.

“The fact that the money didn’t go where it was to go is being investigated and is before the [U.S.] court.”