Dan perplexed by “horrible” defence


A 10-minute Bhongolethu Jayiya hat-trick inspired the hosts to a resounding win at Athlone Stadium, a result which left the Chilli Boys coach scratching his head.

“This is a good example to young boys of how not to defend,” he told SuperSportTV after the game. “We had both flanks that were horrible in the first half – I don’t know what the cause is, but we weren’t defending the crosses from the left or the expected recipients on the right, and these are the results.

“Apart from the full-backs, our centre-backs were also not up to scratch today.

“Such things sometimes happen in football, where a team will concede a lot of goals, and you can’t put your finger on it … why you are doing this today? But it happens – there are those moments in football that you’ll have this.”

Malesela, who’s side remain 10th on the table, feels there was no effort from his charges in trying to mount a comeback after conceding early.

“We had a chance to come back in the first half, we tried, we had chances to score, but there was not enough effort put into the realisation that we were goals behind, and we needed to take risks,” he continued. “But you just have to make people aware of what went wrong and what they did wrong, and make changes and go on with the game.”