Chiloane : "16 V" would struggle today


Former Orlando Pirates striker Reason Chiloane believes even Doctor Khumalo would struggle to star in the current Premier Soccer League if they were still active.

"A lot has changed in our football and there's nothing we can do we just need to accept, Kasi football no longer works these days," Chiloane tells KickOff.

"I mean gone are those days where you will see the flair, it's no longer there we now play like Europeans.

"We had to adopt that style, and there is nothing we can do if you bring in Kasi football you can't make it.

"If it was up to me we were supposed to stick to our culture.

"If you can remember we once gave Brazil a tough time playing our own type of football, even though we lost because they were tactically advanced.

"Doctor wouldn't have made it if he played in this modern football era.

"His style of play would not be favourable to most coaches.

"I don't think he would have become the brand he is today.

"He was too slow, dribbling...I don't think even coaches would have shown an interest in him.

"But back then the style suited him, you could play while you were fat those days, Shakes Kungwane had a big tummy but played for a big team.

"The likes of Gavin Lane, they played, but bring someone with that body structure right now...can he make it?

"Truly speaking the way we used to play football in South Africa we were wasting time."

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