Green lasers put Meyiwa at risk


Some Esperance supporters attempted to give their side an unfair advantage by shining the hand-held lasers into the eyes of Meyiwa, hoping to put him off as shots came in on his goal.

Doctors have for years been warning of the dangers of the lasers, which are generally sold over the counter at stores or on the internet, because they have the potential to burn the retina in the eye, causing permanent damage.

Numerous cases have been reported, with damage to the eye in many cases being temporary, but in some instances permanent.

"Laser pointers are deceptive. They look safe but they can be very dangerous, particularly ones available on the internet which may possess a very strong beam," Barbara McLaughlan, campaigns manager at the Royal National Institute of Blind People, told the BBC.

"If misused and shone into a person's eyes, even for just a few seconds, the damage can be devastating," she said.

The use of the lasers by Esperance fans is nothing new, yet the Confederation of African Football, or the club it seems, have done nothing to try and curb it.