Benni makes bold Teko statement


Cape Town City coach Benni McCarthy does not think South Africa will ever see a player as talented as Teko Modise in modern football.

Modise played his last match as a professional footballer against Black Leopards over the weekend, ending a successful career with the Citizens at the age of 36.

McCarthy, who played with Modise in the senior national team during his players, coached the creative midfielder for two seasons and says players of today can learn a lot from how he conducted himself both on and off the pitch.

“Very proud legacy. He is one of the most decorated players that we have in the game and I think what he has achieved, what he has done and what he has brought to this country I think we have to applaud and we have to make some kind of homage for players like that because they don’t come around easy,” McCarthy said.

“When we have them we don’t appreciate them, so yeah hopefully what ‘Dona’ has achieved inspires a lot of young players on how to live your life, how to be a gentlemen and a good ambassador for the sport and great role model for the kids.

“He will surely be missed and I don’t think we are ever going to replace a Teko Modise again because that talent you don’t find in modern day football anymore. That was talent in abudance, but hard work like you’ve never seen before. Clean lifestyle like you’ve never seen before. Discipline, sacrifice…players of today have got mountains to climb to possess those kinds of qualities that I just mentioned. Modise can be proud and his family should be extremely proud for what he has achieved. I hope he does not go too far away from the game. He is one of the most knowledgeable players you can get.”

Modise will stay on with the Citizens in a different role.