Kerr: No favours for Sekotlong


Kerr previously worked as Troughton's assistant at the now-defunct Mpumalanga Black Aces.

Sekotlong, who played under Troughton at Free State Stars, has struggled for game-time under Pitso Mosimane this season at Sundowns.

On Tuesday it was confirmed that he has joined Leopards on a loan deal that will last until the end of the season.

"I just knew about him way back," Kerr tells

"You know obviously Sammy was with him at Free State Stars. We've been looking to find somebody who could add something to the attack, and we just needed somebody just in case something happened to Musonda if he gets injured or sick or ... somebody buys him (laughs). So obviously we had to do our homework on players, do my research to find out about them.

"I know this kid has not been playing for Pitso, you know. I offered him an opportunity at Black Leopards because he wasn't playing and he wants to play. He wants to start showing people what he's got, so this is an opportunity ja. But he is not guaranteed anything just because he's coming from Sundowns. He's got to work hard so that he can make the squad.

"We've got him on loan until the end of the season, so I've challenged him to make things happen for himself. I spoke to Sammy. I speak to lot of people in South Africa, in Africa, anybody that knows players and can identify players. So I must have talked to about six, seven people on various players, on various people to see who is the best ... who is available and who will want to come to Black Leopards. Again, many players would rather stay in Jo'burg or Pretoria, Cape Town than to come here.

"I'm told by a lot of people that he can be a good addition, but football is a game of opinions - there's a few negative comments about him. Like I say, you look at the players that are available because we can't afford players that costs fortunes.

"'TK' tells me he is hungry. When I spoke to him, I said 'You want go to the PSL or do you want to play MDC? You know that's one challenge in you and the answer will depend on what you want.' And he said, 'Coach, I just want to play PSL. I just want to show people what I'm about'.

"You know, if he can do that he might just fit in our jigsaw very quickly, and he helps the squad, he helps Musonda ... because it's competition you know, people fighting for places. That's what I have got at the moment, 30 players fighting for 11 places, and that's what you need in a football team, fighters.

"If he wants to play for me he's got to work hard. He is not coming here for a reputation point of view. He is not coming here because he is a Sundowns [player]. He is coming here to play and he wants to play, he's hungry to play. And if he shows he is better than what we have, because I have got some very good young strikers that are doing very, very well in training and doing very, very well in friendly games.

"You know when you've got momentum and you are winning you don't want to fix also what is not broken. He came in yesterday, we played a little friendly yesterday with just Black Leopards players and you know you can't judge on the first training session.

"If he fits in our system of play ... you know I have got a jigsaw in this club and the pieces are fitting nicely. You know we brought somebody on loan, he is got to fit in that jigsaw you know straight away. We haven't got time to fit him in."