Baroka chairman stands by decisions

Thobejane was sacked last week after he allegedly drank on the job and he is now waiting for offers. Mphahlele did not want to disclose the reasons behind the decision to sack Thobejane.

Mphahlele and Thobejane are relatives, but the chairman did not let the fact that they are family get in the way of getting rid of the coach.

Captain Olaleng Shaku and goalkeeper Oscarine Masuluke were also sacked by the club.

“There was misconduct during the journey from Free State Stars and then we suspended them. We had that situation for the last month or two, so the team was ready to go on without them,” Mphahlele said.

“It is not a harsh decision. It’s a decision which is equal to the misbehaviour of the coach and the captain. No one would tell you what happens in the bedroom, so we can’t say what happened. It is sad indeed for the team, me and the Baroka supporters in general, but you have to look at the team. Do you want the team to progress or do you want the individual to progress? The decision was tough, but if we can’t control him, then we had to let him go. It was disappointing because I trusted both of them. They did not come with CVs. They just happened to be where Baroka was born. But what they did is equal to the decision we made.”

Mphahlele says he had to make it clear that he will not tolerate ill-discipline in his side.

“Yes, this is important. Whenever I have a chance to talk to players, my first message is discipline. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you are not disciplined, you are not going to succeed.”