Thobejane denies drinking on the job

According to Thobejane, he has been suspended for the alleged offence. He is set for a hearing at the club this week where his future will be decided by management.

Thobejane broke his silence on the matter when contacted by

"The likes of Morgan [Club CEO, Mamilla] are the ones who knows this issue better," Thobejane tells this website.

"Me, I just saw them giving me a letter saying what-what until further notice. Even me I don't know the date of the hearing, so I can't tell you lies. I also don't know what is my sin. What is it that I have done wrong to deserve a suspension?

"In the letter they claim I drank alcohol inside the team bus, that's what the suspension letter says. Yes, I do drink alcohol but I didn't do such a thing. I don't know what is it that they saw that made them think I drank alcohol inside the team bus. I didn't even bother asking them [management] anything regarding these accusations. I don't know where did they get this information because the likes of Morgan don't travel with us. I don't know where does this source come from because it's only the players and the technical team in the bus. Even the technical director [Doctor Khumalo] does not travel with the team. You know how cruel this world can be, people can accuse others of things they didn't even do, things without facial identity."

Thobejane, who is currently serving his suspension at home, says he will welcome any decision the club takes regarding his future, and even hints at being open to going back to National First Division football.

"They know what they are doing, it's for them to decide. Me, I don't know. I'm waiting for any decision they might take regarding my future because I don't own this job. If they can say 'we are firing you', no problem. What I can tell you is... I will die with football. Whether someone likes it or not, I will die with football. I can join anyone, NFD or whatever. At the moment I'm at home since that time to be exact. You can't visit the club offices when you are suspended because they might end up telling you we don't want you here. They can even start other stories and say 'hey you, you came here and took this and that'. So it's better to give them time to sort out everything so the team can progress. What can we say, it's politics."

Bakgaga's next match is on Wednesday against Platinum Stars in the last-32 of the Nedbank Cup at Royal Bafokeng Stadium. Thobejane's assistant MacDonald Makhubedu will be in charge of the team.