Ajax court application stood down

The Urban Warriors have returned to the South Gauteng High Court to try and put a stop to the upcoming season kicking off, as they seek re-instatement in accordance with Judge Denise Fischer’s setting aside of Advocate William Mokhari’s arbitration award that relegated the club.

The hearing was initially set for Monday at 10h00, however, the matter has since been deferred to Thursday at 11h30, pending the outcome of the Premier Soccer League’s leave to appeal, which is set to be heard at 09h00 on the same day.

The PSL have applied for leave to appeal Judge Fischer’s ruling, as they seek clarity before honouring the ruling that presumably reinstated Ajax into 15th position, while the PSL’s Board of Governors last week unanimously agreed to proceed with the start of the league on August 4.

In an effort to provide clarity, Ajax CEO Ari Efstathiou explained that the postponement had been brought on by the League’s delayed response to their urgent application filed to the court.

“We gave the PSL papers on Wednesday [last week] and they could have easily responded by Friday, but they did so yesterday [Monday] evening, so it’s put the whole delay [of the matter] even further,” explained Efstathiou.

“We were hoping to have some sort of direction today, unfortunately we haven’t got a choice but to stand it down, which means we’re now going to come see Judge Fischer on Thursday morning for the leave to appeal issue and then come back at 11h30 to this court [Judge Phanuel Mudau] for the interdict.

“So, it’s another two days, very frustrating for everybody. I mean it’s something that needs to be dealt with and needs to be dealt with quickly. I hope it’s not just a delay to make things a little bit more difficult [for Ajax], because I think the League could have dealt with this. I mean, we received their papers on the way here, so now we need to respond.”