'What about AmaZulu?'

The drawn-out process is still ongoing, with Ajax looking to interdict the PSL’s Board of Governors' decision to ratify the PSL’s Executive Committee’s choice to appeal South Gauteng High Court Judge Denise Fisher’s judgement, which set aside SAFA Arbitrator William Mokhari SC’s ruling that had relegated Ajax to the National First Division.

That docked points ruling, which also gave three points to each of Ajax’s rivals, meant SuperSport United jumped up into the top half of the table as AmaZulu, who finished eighth level on points with Golden Arrows, were bumped out of the top eight, thus surrendering their MTN8 berth.

“Remember there’s still the issue of AmaZulu here which we keep on leaving out,” Ajax boss Ari Efstathiou said as he empathised with Usuthu. “They’ve been hit on the sidelines, having finished eighth in the league and were not involved in any Ndoro or Ajax issue, and suddenly, because of the situation, find themselves out of the MTN8. I don’t think this is fair on them either.”

When asked of a possible solution to the now five-month long saga, Efstathiou was diplomatic in his reply.

“I think the issues are quite clear: one option is that we go to the play-offs, which we are entitled to,” he said. “The other option would be to increase the league to 17 or 18 teams, but we don’t have entitlement to that option.”

Ajax is hoping to halt the start of the 2018/19 season which is set to be heard in the South Gauteng High Court today, and despite the obvious chaos this could cause, Efstathiou insists Ajax is merely going to all lengths and trying all avenues to fight their case, with no intention of sabotaging the upcoming season.

“Ajax is a shareholder and a member of the PSL,” he said. “There are no intentions whatsoever to cause any issues that are irreparable. We are there to find solutions, we are there to find a way forward regarding this impasse. We have offered every possible avenue to solutions: we’ve gone to FIFA, I’ve contacted the chairman, I’ve gone to ExCo and the BoG, and there’s nothing left for us than to ask the PSL to do the same.”

The PSL yesterday released the fixtures for the 2018/19 season despite the ongoing legal proceedings.