Agent mum over Bvuma salary claims

On Sunday, media reports said that Bvuma, who featured for the Chiefs senior team this season, was earning what the fans labelled “pocket change” for a professional player, with Chiefs on Monday releasing a statement to state their stance on the matter. contacted DJ Cleo to ask for clarification, to which he replied: “I don’t want to confirm that, because you are calling me about something that was said by somebody.  It wasn’t said by me, it was said by a publication.

“So, like I said in the publication, it’s not in my interest to be disclosing personal information in the media. So, I’m an able to confirm or deny that because I’m not going win. It’s not going to work in my favour. I hope that you can understand that part. I still need to be doing business with Chiefs and other clubs. It’s not in my interest to bad mouth anyone. I cannot be on the record confirming that,” concluded Monyepao.

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The South African Football Players Union (SAFPU) General Secretary Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe says they’ve spoken to the Premier Soccer League to introduce a minimum wage for the players.

“We’ve been pitching this [how much players should earn] since 2012. We’ve made a proposal of R35 000 in the Premier Soccer League and R15 000 to R18 000 in the National First Division as a minimum wage,” Gaoshubelwe tells

“Thing this is happening because there is no minimum wage and the Premier Soccer League is reluctant, in actual fact they are so arrogant that they don’t want to agree to a minimum wage of the players.

“If they were to agree to that, we wouldn’t be dealing with such issues of this. I mean a team as big as Kaizer Chiefs paying its players – somebody who has signed a professional contract – R5 000. Now if this is done at a level of Kaizer Chiefs, how many more clubs are doing this?

“We have always raised this issue, but the funny part is that we’ve been raising this issue and no one has been interested – people wait for Kaizer Chiefs and then say maybe or maybe not – and some of them say Kaizer Chiefs can never do that, which is very unfortunate because its seems like a lot of people are just ignorant when it comes to these matters.

“Our issue is very simple… they need to change, they need to treat the players like workers, they need to improve the conditions of the employment of the players because the players themselves deserve better. This arrogance … they must just leave it because it does not assist anybody,” Gaoshubelwe added.  

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