Torres wanted to feel valued


Torres switched loyalties in August, having failed to match expectations at Stamford Bridge following his £50 million signing from Liverpool in January 2011.

"The decision to leave was a personal one because I needed more, I needed to feel important," Torres stated in the Evening Standard.

"[Blues manager Jose] Mourinho and I have a good relationship and still today we continue to talk to each other. He has always been good to me."

The 30-year-old has ruled out a return to the Premier League leaders.

"There wasn't a real option to return," Torres added.

"They speculated with it and I didn't like that. I've said it many times, I won't go to Atletico to retire. I will go if I have motivation to compete because the Atletico of today is very different than when I was there. I follow them every weekend. It [returning] is an option that isn't real."