Wits send Brazilian striker home

Ricardo, who has spent a month in the country, is set to fly home tomorrow.

The decision to send Ricardo back home has given a lifeline to Cameroon midfielder Bienvenu Tipa, who had not been registered as yet since the Students had exhausted its quota of foreign players.

Wits will now be only registering defensive midfielder David de Olivieria and attacking midfielder Fabrigio Rodrigues, who are expected to make their debuts for Wits when their paper work has been sorted. They both missed the season opener against Santos.

“We have since come to the decision that Andrey doesn’t fit in well at the club as he seems to be insecure in his new surroundings,” explains Stan Whiting, the Wits CEO.

“Since his arrival here Andrey hasn’t looked like the player that we saw in Brazil and we are not convinced that he will be able perform at the level that we saw him do in Brazil when we recruited him.

“So in the best interests of both parties we are sending him back to Brazil.

“This means that we can now still register Tipa as a foreigner since another opening has been made by the departure of Andrey. Tipa still has a contract with the club and so will now revert back to the position of being a registered player,” says Whithing.

The left-footed Ricardo, who previously played for Toledo in his native land, has apparently looked terrible at training since his arrival.

Even in the friendly games that Wits played in pre-season he looked very far from being quality enough to be recruited from Brazil.