Wits’ Brazilian signings here next week


Whiting and coach Roger de Sa recently visited Sao Paulo FC to finalise the deal which sees central midfielder David de Oliveira (22), holding midfielder Fabricio da Silva (21), and 20-year-old attacking midfielder/striker Andrey Almeida boost the Student’s playing squad for the new season.

“I’ve been taking kids to Brazil, in particular to Sao Paulo FC, for the past three years, and have been watching the trio for two years now,” says Whiting.

“They are very good players and will make a huge difference to our team; there is no doubt about that. We have a sort of sister club relationship with Sao Paulo and these players are the first to come out of that relationship.

“Early next year, we will start a high-performance academy on the University campus with their involvement. In other words, we’ll have a Brazilian head coach for our academy. And we hope to continue on a strength to strength basis with player swaps etc, as we find young players here that could be good enough to go to their academy as a finishing school if you like.

“Sao Paulo has probably the best-known academy in the world from a European point of view. They’ve just sold a 17-year-old to Bayern Munich for $30-million.”