VAR will 'kill' football - Platini


VAR is widely considered to be football's newest innovation after being used in Serie A, Bundesliga and the 2018 World Cup.

However, former France midfielder Michel Platini, a long-time critic of the technology feels the technology is only served to protect the interests of those in power.

"VAR is a DIY video, which hasn't brought more justice to football," the former UEFA President told Sport.

"I know FIFA, it's their job to find statistics that suit them. At best, the video can really help to judge a ball that crosses the goal line or not or with offsides because these decisions are based on specific facts: inside or outside.

"There's no room for interpretation, but even then it's dangerous. There was VAR at the World Cup Final, yet for France's first goal, which resulted from a free kick, there was no initial foul from the Croatian player, while for Griezmann's penalty, it was the VAR official that called the referee, who became a kind of puppet.

"Was there or wasn't there a Croatian hand? All of Croatia insisted the hand was involuntary, while all of France wanted a penalty.

"Who knows, maybe tomorrow the captains and goalkeepers will have headphones and the Coaches will be able to talk to them and guide them during the game.

"By doing this, we'll certainly kill football, like it's already happened in cycling and F1. We have already killed the referees.

"Why are all the refereeing chiefs in favour of the VAR? Because it covers their backs and they're always on the side of those who feed them."