Uproar over Euro match blackout


Uefa’s feed of the thrilling match, which saw Germany defeat Turkey 3-2, was interrupted at least twice during the second half, blacking out screens in all countries broadcasting the match.

The first blackout lasted more than seven minutes and the second interruption stopped viewers from seeing Miroslav Klose put Germany 2-1 ahead in the 79th minute.

Presenters worldwide, including SuperSport in South Africa, were forced to apologise on air for the technical glitch after the match finished.

The interruptions are thought to have been caused by severe electrical storms around Uefa’s International Broadcast Centre in Vienna, even though the match was being played in Basle, Switzerland.

Uefa was transmitting pictures to broadcasters around the world from Vienna.

According to reports, coverage in Germany was lost several times but viewers did not miss a goal.

There were also coverage blackouts in Turkey, but football fans watching in Euro 2008 host nation Austria were possibly worst hit, missing three goals, according to reports.

“The television signal in the International Broadcast Centre for the Germany-Turkey game has been interrupted several times in the second half due to technical reasons which are currently being investigated, in particular to evaluate the impact of the violent electrical storm over Vienna at that time,” Uefa said in a statement.

According to news agency reports, the only broadcasters whose signal escaped the interruption were Swiss public TV company SRG in Zurich and Arabic channel Al-Jazeera.