Troughton explains absence from Stars


Troughton arrived in Pretoria on Friday and says the reason being is that he has to attend to family matters.

“The club gave me an off last week so that I can come and be with family here in Pretoria. So at this stage I am still with the club because I am employed by them,” says Troughton before explaining in depth.

“My wife’s dad has just had surgery and I so I felt that I should come and be closer while the old man recovers. Since she is staying with her parents, I had to come because we also have a little boy that she has to also take care of. I needed this break though I am still communicating with the club everyday and keeping my eyes open for new players.

“In any case since I didn’t have that much of a break in the off-season was because I was with Carara Kicks at the play-offs. It would have been very difficult to concentrate on the job when there are other serious family matters to attend to. I have been told that I can away for as long as I want because of the seriousness of what I am attending to.

“So for now I am not so sure about when I will be back in the Free State though it could be a couple of days,” says Troughton who lost his father in Ireland early this year.

Troughton, who was with Durban Stars after leaving TUKS says he is working positively under new Ghanaian coach David Duncan who has taken over from Kinnah Phiri.

“I worked under Kinnah and it was fine just like it is now under David. I am an assistant and I have a supportive role to fulfill which I perform in a positive way. I also always respect the various coaches as I gain and benefit from their expertise and experience,” he says.

Troughton initially arrived at Stars to head up the development before being drafted into the first team.