Torres: We know what to do


The reigning World Cup champions were blown away 5-1 in a repeat of the 2010 Final as the two sides met in their opening fixture on Friday evening, a match Torres feels no need to dwell upon.

"As time passes and the days go by, you try to forget it as much as possible and look ahead to the Chile game, which is what's up next,” the Chelsea forward told Radio Marca.

Yet similarities have been drawn with the tournament four years ago, where Spain also lost their opening encounter at the hands of Switzerland.

Yet Torres believes the circumstances are a little different in Brazil.

"The only similarity is the need to win the three points, to not make mistakes, thinking that Holland is going to win its next game,” he said.

“We have to beat Chile, but now the atmosphere is different, the defeat was a lot harder to take. Not similar in that sense."

The 30-year-old says his side has received a lot of support back home, and does not feel the squad needs to be critical of themselves, as they know what to do in their next encounter.

"What we get from Spain is total support,” he said. “The people there totally believe in us. We have taken a little stick, but we don't get the idea that we need to criticise ourselves.

“It's not necessary to tell this team what to do.

“As has been demonstrated on the past few years, we know how to get out of tight situations.

La Furia Roja next face Chile on Wednesday evening in Rio de Janeiro.


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