Terror averted in Nigeria v Ethiopia game


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The bomb went off in an apartment in the upscale Bole district, about five kilometres away from the Stadium where the match was played.

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Ethiopian authorities have revealed that the unfortunate duo had planned to disguise themselves as Walya fans, to gain entrance into the Stadium or any other place where there was a large convergence of fans.

"They were Somali nationals and plotted to carry out a suicide attack disguised as fans, on either the stadium, or areas where large crowds gathered to watch the game," a government official Shimeles Kemal said.

Several weapons and explosives including grenades were found at the scene of the blast, along with replica football jerseys and other fans memorabilia.

Officials also revealed that three suspects have been taken into custody, although no group has come out to take responsibility for the failed attack, which is believed to have been foiled by the heavy Police presence which may have agitated the terrorists into blowing themselves up.

"Heavy police presence must have caused their nervousness and state of agitation which led to the detonation that caused their own death," Shimeles said.